Mountain Hardwear Wicked Tee

I live in the Ozarks mountains, and in the summer, heat, and humidity can be terrible. Just walking outsiClothingde from an air-conditioned room into the sweltering weather can instantly make you sticky.

For a long time, I have been looking for a top that I can wear to help minimize this torture. I have given up on finding the perfect top (unless someone figures out how to make a shirt with a solar-powered air conditioner), and have been looking for a tee that at least wicks away most of the sweat and allows the slightest of breezes to flow through for maximum cooling effect, and at the same time doesn’t turn noses.

I have tried lots of tops, and one of my world-class favorites is the Wicked Tee from Mountain Hardwear. Here’s what I like about it:

The 100% polyester fabric has an open-knit, mesh structure. This helps to aid the movement of moisture from your skin to the air. It also allows air to move more easily through the fabric, helping to keep you cooler.

The Tee dries very fast, which you would expect.

Relatively speaking, and I say relative because this is subject to interpretation, odor build-up is not too bad. At least my wife hasn’t kicked me out of the tent (yet). Some tees I have tried get gross within minutes of putting them on. Yech!

The seams are flat-locked to prevent chafing.

The material is comfortable against your skin, and sized for freedom of movement, without being baggy. It’s back has a drop-tail hem, which means that the back of the shirt is slightly longer than the front, which helps prevent the Tee from coming out of your pants if you bend over.

  • The Tee doesn’t have any annoying logos on the front.
  • The Tee is very lightweight at only 4 ounces.
  • Just think of the Mountain Hardwear’s Wicked Tee as a general, all-purpose, warm- and hot-weather tee.


Using the Wicked Tee in the Real World

Many times when I am active outside in the hot and sticky Ozarks’ summers, it is not unusual to be coated with a layer of sweat, as unpleasant as that sounds. The Wicked Tee does a remarkable job of reducing the discomfort of this, although nothing will ever be perfect.

In less severe humidity, the Tee does a great job of absorbing moisture and evaporating it. In fact, it is rare that the Tee ever becomes soaked with sweat, although it will be damp. Any available breeze also greatly increases comfort. And once you move from the outside to inside, the Tee dries quickly.

Generally speaking, I wear the Tee all by itself. In some cases, I might start off in the morning with the Tee and a windshirt if it is cool, and as the temps increase and as I become more active, it is easy to slip the windshirt off and stick in back in my pack.

If it is hot and it rains, you may just want to consider letting it rain on you, and when the rain stops, the Tee will dry quickly.


If you need a general purpose tee for warm and hot weather, the Mountain Hardwear Wicked Tee is a good choice.

Product Notes

Mountain Hardwear makes the Wicked Tee for both men and women, and in many sizes and colors. The MSRP is $29.00. Mountain Hardwear in Spring 2003 introduced the Super Wicked Tee, but I have not tried it. The Tee is washable and dryable for your washer and dryer.

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